About Annika

In 1989 I began my studies at the Music Conservatory in Copenhagen.

I come to a packed church where I shall play a solo. I shook like a leaf during the concert. I understood then that I had to work with my nerves or give up the bassoon.

This was the start of my involvement in mental training which has now interested me for over 30 years!

Dedicated to awaking understanding in young people

I work as first bassoonist in Malmö Symphony Orchestra with previous positions in Gävle Symphony Orchestra and Malmö Opera.

I have a passion for awaking an understanding amongst young people of how important it is to train mentally in addition to the instrumental/voice training they already have. How we think influences our entire lives – when we understand that we can choose our thoughts new paths are opened for us. It has been a pleasure for me since I started in 2018 to help my clients strengthen their mental capacity to see possibilities instead of obstacles; to motivate and inspire improving performance and their daily practise.

musician coach, Annika Fredriksson
Thanks to funding from Lund University pedagogical development I can hold courses in mental training as part of coaching sessions at Malmö Academy of Music.

Annika Fredriksson works in association with Artist- och Musikerhälsan.

Coming association with https://stage.one 

Summer course 2024

Mental training for musicians

in association with Artist- & Musikerhälsan, Östra Rönneholmsvägen 9B, Malmö

25-27th of July at 10-15, english

More information coming soon!

musician coach, Annika Fredriksson